A night to remember

It was once upon a time when the wind was blowing strong

I left all my clothes outside and I felt something went wrong;

I went out on the balcony and I saw them very far away;

I wanted to go get them, but something told me it’s ok.


I went to bed and my night started with a dream

That made all the things in my life change and gleam.

I landed in a new place, I had to handle by myself.

I noticed an empty book, waiting for me on a shelf.


I started to write all the things that were happening to me.

Some were not good, but it was a test coming from He,

Who owns the valleys, the mountains and my soul.

The One who made me realize that I will never be alone.


The people I met, the places I saw, all was so real and true.

They all helped understand that this stay was actually my cue,

Which I was about to follow on the stage of life,

And afterwards I would be able to handle a fight with a knife.


They all made me stronger, they all  taught me well.

All of them are wonderful people, but I have to say farewell

Because the morning comes and a new day starts,

However we’ll always have the teachings in our hearts.


It was a dream, it was amazing, and I wish I could rewind,

But life is change and paradox, and sometimes they are not so kind.

I’m thankful for this wonderful journey, I’m thankful for the cue,

And one thing I can say for sure: I will never forget all of you!

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