This is not my first blog or my first post. I took a long break (too long if you ask me) and now I’ve decided to return on the web. Why? Just because!

I already have a blog with the same name, but it has mainly poetry. At the moment, I’m not satisfied with my contribution to my former blog, thus I’ve decided to create a new one and give it a bit more fairy dust. I want to make it fly. I want to make it live. I want to make it mine!

This post is nothing more than an announcement of my comeback and a bit of info about where will my mind be heading. Do not think that if I want to use fairy dust, all will be about fairies. This blog will contain useful information, objective and subjective posts, as well as poems (I will make a special section for that).

The 3 magic words that you can find right below the title are from, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring movies of all time: Peaceful Warrior. They represent life; therefore you will find here anything related to these 3 aspects. Medical, Nutrition, Travel, Leisure, Political, Economical etc. articles will define this blog and highlight its beauty.

All that’s left to say is : Enjoy!

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