Stress – introduction


Stress is both harmful and useful. One could flee or could fight due to it. When stress appears, neurochemicals and hormones are released. If the presence of stress cannot be controlled, it can lead to serious health issues. It can cause a simple skin rash that will quickly pass or it can lead to a lethal result.

Stress can be defined as an external or internal force that affects the individual. Due to the fact that stress has a very clear sign upon arrival, people tend to think that anything related to it is negative. Nonetheless, stress has both a positive and a negative side. Stress is good when the hormones produced make the body and the mind alert. People, who do not have the necessary amount of stress in their lives look sleepy, give the impression that they do not pay attention and cannot act fast (these are cases not so frequently encountered compared to those that are created due to high levels of stress). However, if these behaviours are noticed it does not mean that the absence of stress is the main cause, but it could be one of the causes. These symptoms are usually related to either hormonal or neurological aspects.

Too much stress can result in behavioral and emotional symptoms that could completely change your life. Why? Mainly because once they affect the body and the way it deals with different issues, they affect personality, perception and the mind, which scientifically speaking has no clear location in the brain. Some of the most common signs are loss of appetite, mood changes, depression, and anxiety, overeating or not eating enough. However, these signs could also be caused by other factors. Actually, any symptom could have a completely different cause than stress, but this does not mean that one should not take it into consideration. Stress could be the reason for developing depression, experiencing poor nutrition or bad habits such as abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, even drugs, all of which can lead to serious health issues; therefore, even if  there may be other noticeable causes, the amount of stress existing should also be questioned.

Depending on the age group, on the lifestyle and on already existing conditions, stress has a different impact on each individual. For example, a teenager who is experiencing plenty of negative change in their lives, a lot of pressure or a stage when their responsibilities increase significantly could develop depression, which in some cases could lead to suicide.

Managing stress is very important, but more important is to know how to do it. One step forward for tensed people is physical activity. Exercises done constantly will stop the production of stress hormones. The ideal option would be creating a workout schedule. This allows a person to be more organized and less worried. Meditation and different kinds of Asian practices such as Qigong and Yoga are a great way to eliminate a large amount of stress. Spending between 20 minutes and one hour per day practicing these methods will help you get to know your body better and they will put the mind at ease.

The environment in which you dwell is very important. People who are surrounded by things they like, by persons they love or enjoy spending time with, experience much lower levels of stress. At the same time, people who do what they love or  are pleased with what they do most of the day are least exposed to stress. This sounds for many like a perfect world where everybody is happy and there are no problems. Actually, the problems and the external factors are not the main issue, but the way people are dealing with them. In conclusion, it is not enough to exercise and do yoga. One needs to be able to control his life, not the other way around. More about taking the matter into your own hands in the next article about stress…

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