The Storm

calm before the storm

calm before the storm









All is quite , all is clear and the sound you hear  doesn’t disappear.

You look out on the window and you see the clouds and you see the pain.

You will not survive when the thunders  will catch you in their chain,

And yet it feels so right and sound  even if all you have is nowhere near.


How to spread the daunting clouds and bring back the light that faded away?

How to survive the screaming anger that covers the earth with its shade?

You’ll just run for cover, stay alert and watch out for the flying grenade

That could hit you any minute because she knows how to catch its prey.


You must have a heart of steel, a mind of a fox and believe that you’ll be

There where the sky is clear and life is more beautiful than ever.

Then you will face it with a lot of fear, but you will be able to aver

That you do not quit and you do not stir all the bad things that you see.

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