Stress – part II

Stress…a subject about which debates could continue forever and ever. As I mentioned in my first article, the most important thing is to learn how to deal with your problems. Running away from them is not a solution. I know sometimes you just feel like throwing your PC out of the window or breaking something, but think about it! This will cause more damage, thus more problems. You don’t want to do that! Plus you do not deserve to be killed or tortured step by step by people who undermine you or simply do not care.

We encounter everyday situations that stress us. If the situation is of such nature it does not mean that it is necessarily bad. This is where things turn to be very hard to deal with. We all know that one can eliminate the stress caused by bad situations by simply having patience or using relaxing techniques. Meditating, practicing yoga, qiqong or any kind of sport, doing something you enjoy, are some of the most common methods to relieve stress. Even if they are very helpful, this nasty hormonal imbalance will have major impacts on us while we are preparing for something important (even if that “something” makes us happy). Here’s the paradox: the happier it makes us ,  the more stressful it is.


       Examples: weddings (if it’s your own then is the worst kind of stress :D), new jobs, new relationships, new homes. Practically, anything that’s new and obliges you to take decisions, which will be imprinted on your life thread. Yeah!!! It sounds really, really scary! That sentence: you cannot do anything about it anymore! Only if I wouldn’t… Uf, uf, uf! Regret and fear. These two feelings will eat you alive. Add a bit of frustration, some complexes, a bit of anger and Voila! you’ll have the perfect combination for the most delicious stress. Ok, ok …we talked a lot about the theoretical part, and you are probably wondering what can you do? Simple: stop caring! I know it’s not simple at all, but in a world where not everybody can meditate, not everybody likes to exercise and sometimes you really don’t have time to do things that you love, all you have left is indifference. I’m not saying it’s easy…it will be very very hard actually! But if you manage to fight with your fears, you’ll be able to handle anything that will cross your path. You do not know where to start… well, I am going to let you read a book I read a few weeks ago and I would like you to let me know how you feel when reading it or after. You may say that it has no connection whatsoever with stress. Fear and stress are two completely different things. From my experience, stress is caused mainly by fear…and this ain’t the fear you feel when you walk alone at night on an alley filled with thugs.

      Download the pdf. and let me know how are you feeling. If it helped you in any way, then my job here is done. 😉 Happy reading!  2011_1203-the-flinch

More about stress in the next post 🙂 . See ya guys!

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