Inspired by a Creature

dog behind bars



I wake up at the same time with the sun.
My biological clock lets me know it’s on.
I stretch and make some childish sounds,
But then I’m up despite the bounds.

Here I start a new day in this life.
I face the morning’s playful knife,
And as I head towards my meeting
I suddenly feel so alive.

The sun casts upon us lovely lines.
He sends sometimes some charming signs.
Other times the rain has to do her shift
And blinds the earth and goes adrift.

Sunny or rainy, the dog doesn’t care.
He stands there behind bars, but he’s aware
Of everything that happens nearby,
And so he stays and watches the whole lie.

Does he watch a lie or a joke?
Is it better in the yard than in this smoke?
He doesn’t know because he didn’t try
To cross the other side, but you know why?

He looks just like a statue near a wall,
And you could swear he isn’t bound to fall.
The pigeons won’t rest on him cuz he’s still,
And the moon will guide him cuz of freewill.

He analyzes well and he stands by.
He’s waiting for the proper sign.
And when he’ll manage to be free,
He’ll be the great thing you’ve ever seen.

A thing to remember for all you here:
The time will not make you shed only a tear.
He’ll kill you step by step with his sweet feel,
But those who wait, will break this deal.

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