On the balcony

The sea winks and a boat is coming.

There are few still ones near the other shore.

I hear the pain cuz some kids are crying,

While others play football on nature’s floor.


The sun prepares to set, the night is near.

I’m letting the wind go through my hair

And wonder if the ships will disappear

Because I don’t know how much they care.


The buildings I see will be here tomorrow.

The noises I hear will change every minute.

The smells I can’t sense because of sorrow,

But I can taste everything I intuit.


What sorrow? I really don’t know!

I’m making up stuff while others sleep.

I’m standing right here on my own

And I’m enjoying the silence and the beat.


It’s almost 5 o’clock and I do not know

How long the sun will tap my shoulder.

The view’s amazing, but I cannot throw

Words that won’t be worthy of its Owner.


My left view is blocked by the sun

And the one on my right is not impressing.

Straight ahead is everything I’ve done

And at the same time all the confessing.


Here, on the balcony it’s a new ground;

It’s a place I like to call my own.

But in order to be safe and sound

I embrace a new life and admire the dawn.




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