Close your eyes…just do it!

Have you ever closed your eyes and let your imagination go wild?

Do it NOW! It’s never too late, but it won’t work if you are “blind”…

Did you close them? Did you manage to escape?

Did you see the darkness? Did you manage to feel great?


Close your eyes and let your body wander

Close your eyes and drown into the slumber

Look right in front of you and do not care

Whether you smell the grass or feel the air.


Don’t let your other senses play you as you dream

Something that doesn’t let you be great is always mean

I’m not saying that your senses aren’t good

I’m just telling you to follow what you should


Close your eyes and feel the morning breeze

Close your eyes and see the Elysian Fields

Close your eyes and see the one you want to be

Keep it quiet and you’ll see exactly what you want to see


Follow my advice, take my hand and let it go

I’m not referring to the hand, and do not keep it slow

Do not be afraid and start running on a cliff

And when you reach the edge, just jump, don’t wonder “if”…


One thing is for sure: that you will fall

But if you hold me tight you’ll land on midnight’s wall

And if you let me go you’ll fly to foreign moors

Just make sure you’ll land safe, but have that ride which cures.

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