3D Movie Experience – “Gravity”

Being anxious about watching a movie in 3D? Don’t worry! Many people understand you perfectly. Why? Because of the negative flow that comes from so many others that have already been there, done that. The headaches, the tired eyes, the effect that is not so overwhelming…uff. You just feel that you might as well forget it because it is not worth paying for something you won’t enjoy. How about you just go for 4D and you see how it turns out.

Why bother watching 3D also? Here’s why. First of all, 3D headaches or no 3D headaches, it is an experience that is worth living (simply because everything new is worth living). Secondly, if it scares you or makes you anxious you should really try it. You are probably lifting your eyebrow and wondering if I’m crazy :D. No! It’s just the fact that after the experience is over, not only that you will realize that it wasn’t that bad, but you’ll have more self-confidence because you did something uncomfortable ;). And, another aspect that is very important: not all movies are made to be watched in 3D. Some very popular movies that have great effects are put in 3D just for the sake of being there. Watch a movie like “Gravity” and you will realize that is it the best way to watch it :). Yes, I mentioned a movie name. “Gravity” made me feel amazing. The feeling of being in space and seeing each movement of the human body like it was happening close to me was life changing. The simplest things are the most important and the slightest gesture could bring more awareness than you’ve ever imagined. It literally places you in a complete different world.

I was alone in the cinema. I’m not sure I was even there. Sandra Bullock was with me all the way. That’s the way “Gravity” made me feel. I felt every single emotion, I was part of every action, I was there when every decision was made. My life, my mind and my body were in space, fighting and enjoying life at the same time. For the first time in my life I forgot my husband is near me. Yes! I cannot truly describe what happened to me. Maybe, if you guys saw “Ratatouille” , you would remember the scene where the rat gives cheese and strawberries to his brother in order for him to experience the amazing feeling caused by combining two different foods. Yeah! Weird comparison, but I felt that there were fireworks exploding in my head (in a good way of course). That’s what happens when u mix cheese with strawberries I guess. I mixed a 3D movie with my mind, and the result was … cosmic.

I highly recommend this movie in 3D, and if you don’t like it blame it on nothing. It just happens that we don’t have the same tastes. You guys enjoy!

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