Hard…but still…

Winter is here, the night is falling over the world

Sometimes the snow follows, sometimes the rain

The clouds are strolling  and the sky is cold,

But this picture has been gaining lots of fame.


It’s raining cats and dogs, the sun is hidden

The storm that shatters your dreams is far

The evening shows a face…Oh my! She’s bitten

You better get inside and quickly start your car.


A stranger with a black cloak gazed at you and smiled

I  know how deceiving things can be and I can play

That game that makes you feel secure and mild;

That game…those cards thrown in the midst of day.


Darkness is not something one should be afraid of,

Although she’s really creepy when she wants to be.

The day is not safer and everything is so tough.

And in the end a new beginning awaits…you’ll see…

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