Vivienne Westwood Perfumes

Vivienne Westwood is a successful British fashion designer, best-known for her original style in the 70s, punk rock being the main theme. Apart from her fashions, she created a line of perfumes, among which Boudoir, Cheeky Alice, Libertine and Let It Rock. The first Vivienne Westwood perfume came out in 1998. Boudoir is known to represent strong and sexy women, being a chypre-floral fragrance that defines a discreet and intimate ambiance. It was designed to imitate the feeling of touching a woman before making love to her. Its purpose was none other than seducing men. Boudoir is the debut of Vivienne Westwood perfume line, as well as the Boudoir line. Boudoir Sin Garden from 2007, Boudoir Jouy from 2009 and Mon Boudoir from 2013 had a huge success among women all over the world.

Boudoir is seen as an amazing aphrodisiac. Women and men all over the world see this perfume as one of the sexiest Vivienne Westwood perfume ever. It is known to leave a mark on the person who wears it and is by no means offensive, although some people will start wondering about the wearer’s personality. There is no doubt that the person who wears this perfume will feel more self-confident and stronger. Vivienne Westwood perfume was created to give women the trust they needed. However, the fact that many labeled it “perfect for a night out” says many things about the environment where it should be worn. Going to the office or to school and putting Vivienne Westwood perfume might not be such a good idea.

In the fall of 2013 Vivienne Westwood perfume line created Mon Boudoir that does not have the same intensity of the one mentioned above. The last product of Vivienne Westwood perfume line is known to be fresh and delicate, having an elegant touch. Most of the women recommend it during the day and in spring. Unlike its eldest sister, Mon Boudoir does not have the same success at night, but both have almost the same rating. The new fragrance mixes notes of pear and mandarin with the scents of the earliest. The main difference between the two is that the new one can be safely worn at the office or in formal environments. It is meant to seduce you through a different approach. Mon Boudoir makes a woman feel more appreciated and respected. Her image is the one of a confident, elegant and intelligent woman who knows what she wants and is not easily scared. It can be worn with casual or elegant outfits and it fits almost any occasion.

Vivienne Westwood perfume was created with this specific intention: to make women feel more powerful. Even if there are shared opinions, one cannot disagree that these fragrances are among the most popular among young and optimistic women. The British designer managed to capture the attention of everyone after releasing a perfume line. Her clothes were what made her famous, but her fragrances gave a new perspective over feminism. Her bold, yet innocent fragrances act as a magnet and cannot pass by unnoticed.

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