For you…

I am standing here and looking at myself
I am looking at what’s wrong and what’s right
Sometimes I can’t figure it because it’s night
But I know I am able to find oneself.

I think about the past and I wonder about the future
I know the present can be as harsh as a winter storm.
Nonetheless I hope you’ll be near me in any form.
Even if so many times I need that suture.

I do not know what your expectations are
I really do not know if I am on a  low scale.
I just want to break the bars and pay the bail
And shoot for you , my sparkling star.

I know I have disappointed you so many times
You didn’t deserve my attitude and still u don’t,
But if you stay and keep me warm I know I won’t
Hurt you, make you suffer or say those terrible lines.

I am sorry that my mind ran wild and didn’t pay attention
I’m sorry for the times I made u scream ….I really am!
I’m sorry for the moments when you blew steam
I am just seeking, in your soul and your arms, redemption.

I really need you sometimes like I need water
I am not afraid to state what I feel
Because everything I say is real,
But I hate that I do many things that bother …either me or you

And I really do not know how you feel right now
I wish I could be there with you and find out
My heart is screaming for my dreams so loud
And my head tells her that they’ll get down.

I can’t let the dying of the light overwhelm me
It will kill all those wonderful things I have inside
You know I love you and you bare in mind
That all I need is stardust in order to survive.

I wrote this just because I felt that you should know
That I want to be near you whatever comes
And I do not need poems, songs or charms
I need you to be willing to be near me during this show.

                                                                 With all my love, 
                                                             your sweetheart

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