Remember the time when you used to scream and shout?

In those days everyone told you that you are too loud!

You were a rebel, a kid that didn’t want to listen,

Even if you knew the right way and you loved to glisten.


You were a rebel; everybody was against your will.

You had a different perception of the real.

You fought with many issues and you were there

Where people stumble and start to over care.


You fell into the darkness, you couldn’t find the way.

You got trapped by worries; you didn’t know what to say.

I felt I’m losing you; I couldn’t believe it’s true.

My favorite life was vanishing, but he came to you.


He helped you, he got you out of the wretched world.

He cared too much; he turned you back as you were.

He didn’t even know that you were a soldier and you like to fight,

And still he fed you well and he showed you the way towards the light.


Remember girl, no one can bring about the fear

No one can undermine you, even if they are near.

Don’t you get  fooled, you are a tigress and you know

You will have plenty of success and your spirit will grow.


The World and YOU

“An unconscious part of the mind profoundly influences behavior”. Freud thought that illnesses in the body that have no apparent bodily cause are caused by psychological issues. A therapy for the unconscious, psychoanalysis, was an amazing perspective of what the mind can create or destroy. Skinner, on the other hand, had this perspective: “A person does not act upon the world, the world acts upon him.”

Now, I believe anything is possible. However, in order for Skinner’s theory to be entirely true, some things such as instincts must be explained. It is true that no matter how you act and what you choose to do is because of your situation, which was caused by the world (your surroundings, how things work, fate etc.). we cannot explain why certain things happen, but we have a subconscious power to control their effects. We choose what we want to change or not. We are those who make the unconscious decision of acting in a certain way. The last statement has two aspects that do not really go together. How can we take decisions if we act subconsciously? Well, can you explain every time you took a decision why did you take it? No! Why is that? Because you were driven by your instincts, by your gut, and not by the world and what’s logical for the majority.

Ok, it is true that even the part mention above is still part of the world. Nonetheless, the two psychologists have great theories and many aspects that could be debated until the end of time. I took only these two sentences literally without analyzing the meaning behind them. My point is: “Are we toys of the world or not?” Well, as much as I do not agree with the answer “yes” because each one of us has his unique features and can act regardless of what is happening in the world. But, if we think about it, we will realize that we are shaped by what happens. Now, how we react to the world’s effect is a different aspect. That is why I do not like to think that we are toys. We are victims better said, but we aren’t robots. The same thing could happen to two people, but for one it might be devastating and for the other educational. The truth is that the subconscious acts in a mysterious way, and no matter what the world does to you, you becoming a brainwashed robot is not a general rule.

We wear the same clothes, we watch the same things, we eat the same food. Culture makes each of those things different (the Chinese don’t eat the same food as the French), but in the end we are all formed by it. Our mentality is influenced by our culture. Our mentality is completely different than our environment if something else from the world had an impact upon us. In conclusion, the world has its saying. This is mainly clear, but our subconscious….well, that’s why we cannot say that everything is about the world. You are part of the world also, but the unconscious mind has a pattern that does not seem wordily.  This is was can produce miracles, this is what we truly have to deal with. Ourselves! Somebody who does good things will eventually get something done wrong due to the world around him and in reverse. The paradox is that the world controls us, but we control the world.


These are just some ideas, and I haven’t really went deep into the matter. I ‘m trying to show that psychology is more important than any other science. This is what I’ve noticed in my life experience and this is what I’m trying to write about in the next articles.

Another Winter Day

The bed is warm and the dream is so good

I don’t want to wake up, but I should…

It’s 9 o’clock and, oh, that breeze!

Until I reach the bathroom I’ll sure freeze.


You fight with winter since you open your eyes.

You cannot escape her; she never dies.

At least that my impression after one week

Of fatigue, cold and having a body so weak.


It’s raining, it’s snowing, who keeps track?

I just want that warm summer to come back!

I need to understand that this is life.

Yeah right! Tell that to those who play the fife.


I’m not a soldier, although I like to think I am.

I do have a battle to fight that’s not a sham.

However, sometimes I do wonder

If this is real life or it’s just anger.


In the winter time you can get gloomy very fast.

In summer you can be happy and it lasts.

In the end I guess it’s just a vicious drive around.

You cannot get to the surface without getting drowned.


Pain is followed by relief, happiness by sorrow.

It doesn’t matter where you point the arrow.

And even if you don’t like it and you feel a sting,

Remember that winter is always followed by spring.

Travelling to Paris

Paris, the City of Light, is one of the top destinations in the world. The Eiffel Tower, the Seine, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the food, the architecture and the ambiance make Paris a perfect touristic attraction. If all these are eliminated and the romantic background is not wanted, the French capital will still enthrall. It takes only a click of the mouse to get the flight details and book the hotel. It is that easy for you to have a great holiday. Why Paris? The best things about the city are mentioned in the following paragraphs.
· Top Activities in Paris
Everybody knows the Eiffel Tower and the river Seine. The former is a must-see and a cruise on the later is a once in a lifetime experience. Nonetheless, places like Notre-Dame Cathedral, the famous Champs-Elysee, Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou, Defense neighbourhood, The Arc de Triomphe and many others should not be neglected. Moreover, a trip to Disney Land and a show at Le Moulin Rouge will spice-up the stay in this marvelous capital. Moulin Rouge sells its tickets months in advance, thus one should plan beforehand and in detail if he or she wants to attend the number one show in Paris. Hop on hop off buses are very practical and popular. They have a stop near each touristic attraction and could be a very handy way to visit the French capital.
· Food
Known for its famous cuisine, it is a perfect place for food lovers. One can find anything from a delicious quick snack to a delighting meal. Reading a French menu is like reading a story about an enchanted land. The variety and the names of the foods will highlight the cuisine’s reputation and its importance for the Parisians. In Paris, food is the reason why one wakes up in the morning. Apart from this, France is the mother land of the best wine in the world; therefore, where, if not in the capital, can one find all kinds of wine? Even if this may seem too fancy, the City of Light has different places for savory and sweet lovers. There are plenty of bistros, crêperies, pubs, pastry shops and restaurants to choose from.
· Culture The city is known for its cultural background. Who doesn’t want to see the works of art of the most famous artists in the world? Fashion, music, entertainment and media contribute to its status as one of the most popular and modern cities in the world. In the summer time and not only the city is engulfed by festivals, concerts and art exhibitions.
· Practical Information

One of the best things to do when you travel to Paris is to make an insurance to cover theft, medical issues, losses etc. The flight details should be double checked in case there are any stops or delays. Charles de Gaulle is a very busy airport, thus one might need to move swiftly in order to reach his destination on time. If the landing is on Beauvais Airport, reaching Paris is a bit more complicated, thus it should be scheduled beforehand. Getting around Paris is not hard, but the means of transport should be chosen before the departure. Taxis are very expensive; therefore they aren’t recommended for the entire stay. Paris is not hard to visit, however, a trip to this enchanting city must be planned in advance.

Rent Charter Bus to See California and Not Only

The best way to travel around California, Nevada, Arizona, and even Southwest with a big group of people is to rent a bus coach. It is much more comfortable, cheaper and more practical than traveling by car. In order to visit a very important part of the United States, you need the best transportation services.

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