Remember the time when you used to scream and shout?

In those days everyone told you that you are too loud!

You were a rebel, a kid that didn’t want to listen,

Even if you knew the right way and you loved to glisten.


You were a rebel; everybody was against your will.

You had a different perception of the real.

You fought with many issues and you were there

Where people stumble and start to over care.


You fell into the darkness, you couldn’t find the way.

You got trapped by worries; you didn’t know what to say.

I felt I’m losing you; I couldn’t believe it’s true.

My favorite life was vanishing, but he came to you.


He helped you, he got you out of the wretched world.

He cared too much; he turned you back as you were.

He didn’t even know that you were a soldier and you like to fight,

And still he fed you well and he showed you the way towards the light.


Remember girl, no one can bring about the fear

No one can undermine you, even if they are near.

Don’t you get  fooled, you are a tigress and you know

You will have plenty of success and your spirit will grow.

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