Coming back to my sanctuary

First of all, I would like to say to myself:”Welcome back!”. There are these moments in a person’s life when he or she stops writing. That applies, of course, only if they even started. In any case, these days can turn into months and for a writer it is not good at all. Why? Well, the first thing that keeps us alive is writing. We love it and we could do it night and day.Now, of course, if we are busy, like I was, then sometimes you really do not have time for it. The story goes like this: Me and my husband bought a dog, a wolf-dog, which is a bit more complicated and stubborn.  His name is Shadow. We got him when he was 8 weeks old, which was a huge mistake. Here we go…our routine became an every two-hour alarm because the pup needed to pee and it wasn’t easy at all to housebreak him. Sure, all the information on “how-to” is on the web, but are you capable of doing it without getting damaged psychologically? That was the problem: it was driving us nuts. He was peeing anywhere, he was biting anything, he was whining like crazy if we left him alone. None of those things are completely solved after 2 months, but they improved. This is why I actually didn’t feel like writing for a while. Sad, but true. Puppies are like babies from all points of view. You guessed, I also started writing poetry again. 🙂

All of that said, I would like to share with you some thing I discovered these months. First of all I didn’t know that vitamins are water-soluble and fat soluble. That was pretty weird because I have a thorough knowledge of nutrition and health. However, I discovered that there were people around me who knew about this and they are not familiar with a quart of the things I know. So, finding out that some vitamins get eliminated when I pee and some are stored by my body fat was something that made me realize that no matter how much one cares about the details, there is always a risk of missing out on the main idea. I know what is the role of each vitamin, but I didn’t know the most important thing about them: how do they work.

Number 2: puppies are worst than babies. Puppies don’t stay puppies for long, therefore they have the characteristics of a baby, of a child and of a teenager at the same time. They can literally drive you nuts. They are whining, they are afraid of many things, they are moody, they act spoiled, they are selfish, they show off and last but not least they do not listen. The best way I can put it is by saying that a child will give you some time to adapt from one transition to the other. Their character changes slowly. Puppies are stress generating machines. Why? Mainly because all your anger will be kept inside and God knows when and on what you will release it :D. On the bright side, this headache ends faster because they mature much faster. Well, it’s also true that they die sooner, so it’s kind of a knife with two deadly ends.

Number 3: winter has a funny way of telling you that life isn’t only sunny. What do I mean by that? First of all, this is my first winter in a country that has a Mediterranean climate, thus winter here is like autumn in Central Europe. Second of all, I realized how much weather can influence your state of being. I am not talking about rheumatism at all. You can get easily depressed, anemic, annoyed, anxious, happy, excited, you name it. All of these are highly influenced by the weather. Now, of course, this depends from person to person because some of you might actually be very happy when it’s cloudy. I hope Belgians are like that :D. In any case, some wind, some sun, some rain, some storm can give you a completely different overview upon the world. And, my friends, the way you see the world is kind of the way you see life. On the other hand, let’s take the reasonable attitude into account an say: ” It’s normal if it’s raining, the forecast was clear. We adapt according to it.” Yes, for many works, until they lose balance. If you are a normal person (definition: you are affected by everything around you, the world, the ambiance changes your mood), then even if you are good are hiding how nasty you felt that day, a bad weather will definitely help you unleash “the beast” that slumbers. In conclusion, out of a sudden you might wake up saying: “OMG! This is such an AWFUL weather!” or “Ah! At least it’s sunny today and warm.” if you are in a bad mood …or…”Hm! The weather sucks. Of course, this day couldn’t have been perfect!” or “Yeyyy! It’s sunny and warm! Let’s go to the beach!”. You can make up your own line, but I’m sure that the weather has a very strong , but delicate impact upon each and every one of us.

Now, all the things I wrote above might be meaningless to you. Guess what? For me they aren’t! You know why? Because a writer mustn’t stop writing, even if it’s about what he ate for lunch. You get rusty. This was actually my number one conclusion after two months of inactivity. I love writing, so why not continue? Why not share your thoughts with the rest of the world? Words are life, words bring feelings and reading makes you feel alive. You do not have to read literature, but reading something, anything from time to time is amazing food for the brain. Enjoy your future readings!!:) See you soon!



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