Being Back

Where have you been all this time? Well, I was too busy thinking about myself. It’s true that since I had health problems, I became more selfish. Oh, I was before it! I am very well aware of it, but, no matter how much I try to hide, I know that going back, feeling free, stopping judging, is the best choice. Now, I’m here. I’m paying attention to something I haven’t for a while.

I had a great hobby: poetry. I used to feel free through another one: dancing. And, I used to show off through the third one: nutrition and healthy living. I shouldn’t have stopped just because I started working. Now, I am trying as hard as I can, but not as I should, to become the person I wanted since I was a little girl, who was imitating a warrior princess and some other heroes. Sacrifice is the main thing that needs to be done. I need to do it for me to be able to live the life that He wants me to. I need to become strong, powerful, and fearless. There is no other way if I want to defeat temptation, arguments, prejudices, critics, and negative thoughts. So, my idea was to come up with a list of issues that I cannot face, that defeat me, that weaken me. I will write each one below, and I will try to defeat them one by one.


  1. Eating sugar. It’s not easy for me to stay away from chocolate. I made a couple of experiments during the past week. It is true that honey doesn’t have an effect on my weight, but sugar does. Now, okay, honey I cannot eat it in big quantities, but the other one I can. Chocolate is so easy to overdose. Way to easy! And once you yielded, the end is near. You really can’t stop! Except, of course, when your stomach is about to pop. The story of my life. THE CHALLENGE: May 11 – May 18 without sugar. This will build up your will.

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