Being Back

Where have you been all this time? Well, I was too busy thinking about myself. It’s true that since I had health problems, I became more selfish. Oh, I was before it! I am very well aware of it, but, no matter how much I try to hide, I know that going back, feeling free, stopping judging, is the best choice. Now, I’m here. I’m paying attention to something I haven’t for a while.

I had a great hobby: poetry. I used to feel free through another one: dancing. And, I used to show off through the third one: nutrition and healthy living. I shouldn’t have stopped just because I started working. Now, I am trying as hard as I can, but not as I should, to become the person I wanted since I was a little girl, who was imitating a warrior princess and some other heroes. Sacrifice is the main thing that needs to be done. I need to do it for me to be able to live the life that He wants me to. I need to become strong, powerful, and fearless. There is no other way if I want to defeat temptation, arguments, prejudices, critics, and negative thoughts. So, my idea was to come up with a list of issues that I cannot face, that defeat me, that weaken me. I will write each one below, and I will try to defeat them one by one.


  1. Eating sugar. It’s not easy for me to stay away from chocolate. I made a couple of experiments during the past week. It is true that honey doesn’t have an effect on my weight, but sugar does. Now, okay, honey I cannot eat it in big quantities, but the other one I can. Chocolate is so easy to overdose. Way to easy! And once you yielded, the end is near. You really can’t stop! Except, of course, when your stomach is about to pop. The story of my life. THE CHALLENGE: May 11 – May 18 without sugar. This will build up your will.



At the time when he could barely find his place in the car, he was hot, tired and gave the impression of sadness. He couldn’t really figure out if the honks were bothering him, the other animals or the human society. His only sanctuary was his room at home where he had a cage, toys, food and a space big enough for him to jump and play, and none of those were near him. He was only 4 months old, but his eyes spoke more.

This is the story of a young wolf-dog that travelled all the way from Romania to Beirut to meet his owners. His life was not easy and his personality wasn’t as weak as many thought. Why would they think such a thing? First of all, after having all his shots his owners weren’t so easy on him because the most important thing for them was a disciplined dog. Secondly, his breed required him that he must be the alpha or the omega; therefore if his owner would take the alpha position he would become a submitting puppy that is harmless, obedient and basically, as many would put it, unworthy of his breed.

A wolf-dog, half wolf half dog, filled with the wild spirit and nature’s instincts. He became a simple house pet or at least that’s what most considered him to be. But did he really lose his uniqueness? Shadow was more than just a house pet. He was stubborn, sometimes aggressive and his eyes were wild. His silence gave him a diplomatic touch and his colours were like autumn; a combination of reddish yellow with white and grey, just like the tree leaves. If you left him in the forest, he would blend in better than a chameleon. Most of the people said he’s a Husky . Others said he’s a kind of Shepard. Well, whoever knows how a wolf looks like will figure out what Shadow is.

On November 24, 2013 a new litter came into this world. They were all small, cold and hungry. Kira, their mother, took good care of them and cater for their needs. Their father was the proudest wolf-dog in the world, and the family who had them was amazed by their fragility and innocence. However, all five of them couldn’t stay young forever, and with the passing of time the family that had their parents had to give them away. Four males and one wonderful female found new homes all over the world.

One of them, the most special pumpkin that was the youngest and the strongest, found himself in the airport at the age of 8 weeks. Weird experience for a puppy, very weird. All their world turns out of a sudden upside down. They find themselves among busy people, who don’t even pay attention to them. It is sad how much the world has changed. People do not appreciate beauty anymore. Sometimes they even get annoyed by it. They pass by a cute puppy like it was none of their business, like it would make them lose their flight. One or two souls come and say “hi” to the little wild-ling. At that moment you realize how important attention is; when a puppy wags his tail crazy happy because someone addressed him on a nice tone. Humans would act the same I think, but they don’t really deserve it.

The breeder’s flight is from Bucharest to Istanbul only. He needs to meet the future owner half-way in order to escape stupid cargo taxes. But if we compare with the trouble one can go through by getting a puppy on board, the taxes wouldn’t sound that bad. The conversation with the airline company prior to the flight sounded like this:
– “Good day! I would like to bring a puppy with me on the plane and I would like to know the terms and conditions.”
– ” Good day sir! First, please buy an airplane ticket, then send a request to the agency for the transportation of a puppy mentioning his weight taking into consideration the cage also and the dimensions of the cage, and afterwards it will either be placed with you in the plane or in the luggage compartment. If he weighs less than 5 kg and the dimensions of the cage are 42x30x21, you will be charged 50 euros and the pet can go on board.If it’s more, then it will be taken in the luggage compartment. ”
– ” Is it safe? Are you sure that I can get the dog with me no matter what?”
– ” Yes, sir.”

With all this said and done, the owner buys a ticket for the breeder and they send a request for a puppy that weighs less than 5 kg. Everything goes great, everybody is happy, but one morning little Shadow seems to weigh around 5 kg without the cage. Another request is sent, but this time they reject it. The entire world turns upside down. The breeder cannot sell his puppy, the owner cannot receive his dog and loses the money he used to pay for the flight and the airline cannot give any solution except “change the flight with one on which we can take the puppy on board”, which of course means “pay the tax for the flight change”. Why is all this happening? Because the airplane for the scheduled flight does not have a pressurized luggage compartment, and the puppy exceeds their generous limit. After this news the conversation with the airline unfolds differently:

– “Good day! I would like you to solve this situation because it was your operator’s fault! I am not a specialist in airplanes and you told me to buy the ticket first. Why is that? Why can’t I first make the request?”
– “Sir, we are sorry, but we do not take responsibility of your actions. It was your decision to buy the ticket from an agency other than ours. We do not pay for mistakes made by the customer. ”
– ” I beg your pardon? Your operator should have told me to make sure that the airplane has a pressurized luggage compartment! I should research this by myself? Plus on one of the sites where you are advertising your tickets it shows that the airplane is an A330. It is written only on your official website A318. This is how much research I should do before buying a ticket? It’s completely absurd!”
– “Sir, please calm down and take into consideration paying the extra fee in order to change your flight.”
– ” Now I should pay for your mistake? No way! You do something and make it happen. I bought this ticket due to the dog. I even mentioned this at the beginning and I asked the operator if she is sure that it is safe. This is unbelievable!”
– ” Sir, would you like to make a complaint? I don’t have all day standing here, listening to your nagging, which is clearly because of something you did.”
– ” Of course! Tell me where do I call or what do I have to fill. I would be glad to!”
– ” Just send an e-mail to our customer support center and write exactly what happened.”
– ” My pleasure miss!”

After a few hours the complaint was sent, the owner’s blood was boiling and the operator was not happier either. Nonetheless, each continued stubbornly until he sent them a message saying:
– ” For God’s sake, it’s 1kg extra. Can’t you make an exception? Who knew he might get that big in just a few days. Plus how in the world should I know that you do not have the appropriate equipment for any circumstances? Please make an exception!”
– ” I sent the request for the puppy as you sent it the first time. It will go on board. Next time make sure you won’t buy tickets from agencies whose actions we don’t take responsibility for.”

That was the e-mail that relaxed everybody and allowed Shadow to travel by plane. Luckily, the breeder also knew some people that were working at the Security Department, therefore he had no problem taking the dog in. As for the owner, his situation was the last of the worries. He is a pilot. He was coming from Beirut for free and he could take back with him any kind of luggage.

Shadow first saw how an apartment looks like on January 20 when the breeder took him home. A long night was standing before him and he had no idea what were to follow after it. For as much as he knew, he had a soft bed and great people around him; people that he was seeing for the last time. The wife took him immediately under her wing. She played and pet him for two long hours. However, when the time came, the 2-month old puppy had to go. And so, his journey began.

It didn’t take long and the wolf-dog found himself inside a backpack, which was placed inside a car. That night he had nothing to eat or drink due to possible travelling issues. The night was clear. The moon and the stars were lighting the road to the airport and were winking at the poor puppy. He had no idea what was going on. His mother was no longer there and he had no more brothers to play with. The only thing he could do is chew the backpack in which he was trapped. That would had been great. He would had managed to escape and gain freedom. Would it had been better like this? Does freedom mean being alone? Does it define running from whatever makes you feel unsafe? Many people would probably say “yes”, but it’s most probable that they are also trapped in some kind of situation that makes them wretched. Freedom means happiness, not loneliness. Shadow was about to discover which one he would experience.

The drive took around 4 long hours. Hours in which the only thing you can do is think. Another curse. Dogs are lucky. They don’t really think like us humans. They just live the moment. Lucky bastards. They know a kind of loyalty humans cannot imitate. Our overthinking is overrated. Some say it’s good, some say it’s bad, but no matter the case it leads to tension, to analyzing, to debate. Things have to be overthought. They cannot be left alone, and people cannot go on with their lives without analyzing. Why is this better than that? What if a better decision can be made? Everything has an explanation. Every word has a definition and everything has a meaning. For Shadow the only thing that made sense that night was being petted. Everything else was knew.

After they arrived at the airport, Shadow found himself in a bee hive. He looked so tired, he was literally overwhelmed. It was just too much for a puppy. He was sleepy and the chattering noise was annoying him. The seats weren’t comfortable, thus he couldn’t find his place. The backpack he was staying in limited him a lot, but fortunately the breeder opened it whenever he can so he could move. People passed by and didn’t even throw a look at him. It’s funny how in an airport the only things that matter is to pass security, have the passport and the boarding card, and reach the gate. Shadow didn’t care about any of those. As far as he was concerned, this place was filled with creatures walking on two legs who look too snobbish to pay him attention, so eventually he decided to sleep. Figuring out that you cannot do anything else than what’s best for you is no simple awakening. Most of us need years to realize this. A dog needs a second. He cannot play, he cannot bark, he’s going to sleep or at least resign and wait.

After the puppy was boarded and flew above the place where he likes it the most, he found himself in another airport, ten times more crowded and more annoying. The night was over. A new morning came; a morning that brought a new person in his life: John, his owner.

They spent all day at the airport, in the Business Lounge, where the puppy started to discover new things. This little creature was thrown directly into a world of technology and luxury. His only desire was to chew and to lick, to destroy better said, and he wasn’t allowed to do any of those things. He couldn’t even relieve himself in that area. However, the last part was hard to avoid because nobody can mess with nature’s will. That was a very long day, filled with anxiousness and care. John’s wife was waiting for them at home and worrying for the puppy. Her husband didn’t look so good either, but she knew he could handle things. He is a tough one. She wasn’t sure for the puppy, though.

The minutes seem like hours, and the hours seem like days, but eventually, after counting seconds, they departed towards Beirut. This city, filled with danger and gossip was waiting for a puppy that will emphasize them more. A wolf was coming to Beirut, thus danger. A cute wolf, an unknown breed, on the other hand, meant more gossip. Well, maybe Beirut is not a city of danger and gossip literally, but we could say it is a city of adventure and comments. Everything is debated, everything keeps you on your toes. Chaos is a predominant factor in this part of the world, and the little wolf fits perfectly.

His owner ordered DVDs and special equipment for training from America. This method, which is not quite liked by most trainers, is one of the few that would have success with this kind of breed. It is not harsh or out of the ordinary, but it is defined by discipline. The puppy had no idea that as soon as he will be old enough all his whims will grow out of him. Everybody felt pity for him because this is not how everybody handles their dogs. Well, people don’t handle their own life very well. No one is expecting them to know how should they handle other creature’s life. It’s really funny how everybody has the perfect advice, but after it doesn’t work, they come up with a stupid line such as : ” well, I’m not Nostradamus!” Then don’t stick your advice on other people’s throat. In any case, his owner is the kind of guys who don’t listen to anyone’s opinion, except if he is an expert in a field, which he knows nothing about. In conclusion, the dog was to be trained as he wished.

This is how a wolf arrived in Beirut. Due to a long time dream of having a dog and due to a wife who loved wolves. Was is it a mistake? Taking care of a wolf-dog puppy is not an easy task. Apart from all the sleepless nights, because he needs to pee every 2-3 hours; all the chewing, because he is teething; all the whining, because he cannot stay alone; and all the trouble caused, because he is an animal; one has to know how to make him part of their life. Why? It is stressful, annoying and cumbersome, but it is also rewarding. For animal lovers, having a dog is one of the best things, and all the adventures that follow make your life much better and much more intense than that of the average human. Going through a lot of trouble was not really John’s plan, but in the end, he managed to see that not everything can be planned; therefore, not everything can be predicted. A puppy is exactly what he needs in order for him to be ready for a child, even if this is a far future aspect.

Now, he’s taking his afternoon nap. After a long walk, some distractions that always make him lose focus from the training, and a quick play, Shadow is quiet. The weather is getting hotter, the walks are consuming more of his energy, and his wolf instinct and appearance are more obvious. The wind is blowing slowly, and the waves hit the cliffs. A lovely afternoon here in Beirut, where kids have just arrived from school and started to argue with their parents and play outside. None of this matters to Shadow as long as they won’t allow him to bite him. He doesn’t care about those who do not play like he wants. He has learnt the hard way to be quiet and wait for his turn. Nonetheless, having patience is a very important quality. We humans lack it more than dogs. Shadow can be still considered human at this stage. A long road awaits him and his owners. A road where the greatest virtues of life will be taught.

As the sun is preparing to set, his owner is heading home from work. Shadow waits for the alpha calmly, even if he doesn’t really like it. However, he knows that this balance is very important in his life: he needs to know his place in the pack.


35 Of The Best And Worst Things About Living Alone

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Ever since I can remember, as a kid I was obsessed with the idea of living alone. I guess it was a fantasy I had from playing house and taking it a little too seriously. This resulted in becoming a fiercely independent child that turned teen adolescent to now grown woman. It progressively got to be a little strange and concerning for some that I had no qualms with being alone and the mere slightest hint of unnecessary socialization would freak me out and feel ultimately, claustrophobic and smothering. I used to ask myself in a hopeful non-conceited way, ‘Ugh, why are these people so obsessed with me?’ of course they probably weren’t obsessed with me, they were just legitimately wanting to hang out like regular people do.

Now, cometh the day when I am suitably independent and (semi) socially acquired, living alone has proven to be a redefined…

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After Attending a Dance Class

Dance, what a wonderful sight! Not everybody knows how to appreciate it because not everybody knows how to do it. The grace of the movement, the effort put with every breath brings you to another dimension. You will never be able to compare the redness on a dancer’s face with anything else than a rose that blossomed. Breaks, stretching, muscle mass; bone power and balance are easily seen in any piece. However, the power of the mind is the most important of all. You can tell when one is annoyed, angry, tired, and happy or at peace, and no matter which is the feeling, they still continue without interruption. What not everyone can see, though, is the spirit that dances, not only the body. The stream of life runs along with the music. The heat, the energy, the waves, the current; add ribbons to the whole scene and the river will catch fire.

Ballet, one of the most difficult types of dance, which I personally cannot understand, needs a motivation that few have. It is true that some girls are forced by their parents to learn it due to its magnificent sight and the pride one feels when he or she sees her daughter being graceful as a swan. This is certainly wrong because the kids might do it eventually and go to the distance just because they see their parents happy and once their parents they might not be able to attend a show or a rehearsal, they lose the grace given by the ballet. This can be a real turn down. Even in dance controversies exist. With all this said, my point highlights the fact that one cannot force himself through an art such as this.

On the other hand, the beauty of ballet goes beyond compare. Ballerinas are not ordinary human beings. They make room for a new mentality, for a concept that cannot be explained except through the notes of a melody.  Ballet needs to be felt in order to be understood. When are you able to feel it? When you imagine yourself doing the same moves and you give them meaning. It’s a dance that cannot be performed without tons of self-confidence and hard work. Even if its sight for some seems silly, this art will be appreciated by anybody after they try it. Yes, first try and then judge.

The rhythm of any kind of dance must pass through the entire body. Your mind needs to dance when your body doesn’t move. Can you stay still while you listen to music that highlights the rhythm of your mood? If yes, you are either forcing it or your mind is already on foreign moors. Of course, there is a third option that puts more emphasis of the fact that you simply cannot feel it, which is sad, but possible. Feeling life through music is one of the best ways of experiencing it. It can be the music of the highway, the music of the sea or the sound of the wind. You don’t need Pharell Williams to tell you to be happy. In the end, music defines you, it outlines you and it gives you everything you need to go through any difficulty that you may encounter. Open your heart and let the music guide you. 😉

Living in Lebanon – part 2

One of the things that made me love Lebanon like no other country was its abundance of places to visit and spend time. You ca go to the beach, to the forest, to the mountains and of course to the cliff. Now, it is true that not everywhere is safe, but 3/4 of the best places here are. 

Let’s start with Beirut. This is for sure an amazing location especially around sunset. You can take a walk on the Corniche, go to Zeytouna Bay, Beirut by Bike, Downtown, Hamra and many other places. You want peace and quiet? A walk near the sea is perfect. You want to party wild? The pubs in Hamra and Gemayzhe will always be there for you. Downtown got pretty lonely though. Once upon a time, when the war in 2006 hadn’t started yet, “Place d’Etoile” was filled witImage

with locals and tourists. Now, you barely see a kid riding a bike or playing with a kite. Yes, after all the bad things, people started to forget how beautiful time there used to be. Restaurants are empty and if you see a group of tourists taking pictures then it’s a novelty. One thing that I recall very well is my husband’s reaction when he took me there 🙂 : “Wow! It’s empty!”.

Regardless the fact that it is quite an expensive place, it used to be stuffed with nosy people who liked to check out others. Funny enough, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. Everybody was aware of the fact that you couldn’t go anywhere without looking your best. Gossip is not uncommon in Beirut or anywhere in Lebanon, but most people will never admit it. Everybody says that people gossip and they really dislike it, but what they don’t realize, or do, is that they gossip sometimes even more. Well, you cannot blame them. It seems like the mentality promoted is ” be better than everybody else”. In a nutshell, make sure the hyenas do not catch you and watch out for crows. It is not easy to live in Lebanon. It’s not like Western Europe where nobody pays attention to you, but here it’s a matter of taste.

Nonetheless,Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is not defined by its gossips. This place on Earth has a history that goes way back to the Hellenistic and Roman period. It goes back more than 5000 years ago. Downtown one can find a city within a city decorated with Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traces. The ruins speak to you, and one can notice how wonderful this amazing capital has risen around its ancestors. Apart from its cultural history, the religious aspect plays an important role. A variety of beliefs can be found one near the other. The majestic Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and Church of Saint George Maronite are neighbors, and a few steps away there is Saint George Orthodox Cathedral. Impressive no? This mixture created many conflicts around the world, but here they seem to get along just fine. At least, that’s the overall impression. 

Beirut was seen as “the Paris of the Middle East”, and it’s a pity that things had to change. However, Lebanon is still among the most popular tourist attractions in the Middle East and a placed loved by many. 


Living in Lebanon – part 1

Welcome to BEYThis article is meant to provide a clearer image of the lifestyle in Lebanon. Take into consideration the fact that I do not work and I am not exposed to any restricted areas. For me it’s great.:) The first thing you need to know about this country is that you will never understand what is going on here, so don’t bother trying to figure it out. Why did a bomb explode today? Where there any targeted victims or it was just another suicide bomber? Hmm! Going into politics is not my business and it shouldn’t be yours either, except of course, you are working for an institution that deals with such aspects or you are studying the subject.

On the other hand, Lebanon, and especially Beirut and its surroundings are an amazing place to live. You can go skiing in the mountains and from there, in maximum 3 hours without too much traffic, you reach the beach. Yes, traffic is a big problem in Lebanon. Well, the public transportation is very poorly developed. What can we do? On the bright side, gas is not as expensive as Europe. Concerning the climate, you have all four seasons and all kinds of landscapes. You will be surprised how alive Lebanon is in summer and how fresh in spring and autumn. Winter is a bit annoying mainly because of heating, which by the way doesn’t truly exist. Why? Few buildings have systems that can provide proper heating and if so, it is not cheap at all, and the rest either have heaters in the house that work on electricity or stoves that work with wood. But for 2 months this isn’t such a big deal. The only problem in winter is incredibly powerful storms that can literally make the building shake. These are one of my favorites. Since I was a kid I used to watch with my dad the lightnings from our balcony. I’ve never seen in my life what I saw here.Here we are talking about sea storms. They are completely outstanding.

Electricity. The most debated aspect in the country. Every day Lebanon witnesses electricity cuts. Fortunately, there is a generator that provides you with enough power in order to be able to heat your house , your food, turn on your boiler, but not all at the same time. Generators have a limit: 6 amps, 10 amps, 20 amps. You choose the one you want. Of course, the pay grows with the numbers of amps. It it also quite annoying to turn on the switch every time it cuts because you plugged in to many things and the generator couldn’t support it. I might be a bit weird, but I love it when it cuts in the mall or in Byblos on the street, or in clubs. For me it’s kind of a fun thing. I enjoy it :). It might take you weeks to get used to this issue, depending where you are from, or days if you adapt very fast.

Restaurants.  Oh my! The cuisine here is unbelievable. It made me love food. I used to eat like any other person and not really care. Lebanese food made me picky. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I sure know that I’m eating more greens, fruits and vegetables than ever and I cannot even remember when I ate pork last time because I love sheep meat more. Let me clear things up. It’s not because of the religion. NOOOO! You can buy pork from anywhere, but the climate makes it a bit harder. It’s too hot for so much fat! Plus sheep and lamb are affordable and delicious. Why eat pork? 😛

What to do in Lebanon? Well..this is something that needs a lot of time for me to write almost everything down. I’ll see you guys next time. Hope you enjoyed few of the details I shared.

Take care! Cheers!


Coming back to my sanctuary

First of all, I would like to say to myself:”Welcome back!”. There are these moments in a person’s life when he or she stops writing. That applies, of course, only if they even started. In any case, these days can turn into months and for a writer it is not good at all. Why? Well, the first thing that keeps us alive is writing. We love it and we could do it night and day.Now, of course, if we are busy, like I was, then sometimes you really do not have time for it. The story goes like this: Me and my husband bought a dog, a wolf-dog, which is a bit more complicated and stubborn.  His name is Shadow. We got him when he was 8 weeks old, which was a huge mistake. Here we go…our routine became an every two-hour alarm because the pup needed to pee and it wasn’t easy at all to housebreak him. Sure, all the information on “how-to” is on the web, but are you capable of doing it without getting damaged psychologically? That was the problem: it was driving us nuts. He was peeing anywhere, he was biting anything, he was whining like crazy if we left him alone. None of those things are completely solved after 2 months, but they improved. This is why I actually didn’t feel like writing for a while. Sad, but true. Puppies are like babies from all points of view. You guessed, I also started writing poetry again. 🙂

All of that said, I would like to share with you some thing I discovered these months. First of all I didn’t know that vitamins are water-soluble and fat soluble. That was pretty weird because I have a thorough knowledge of nutrition and health. However, I discovered that there were people around me who knew about this and they are not familiar with a quart of the things I know. So, finding out that some vitamins get eliminated when I pee and some are stored by my body fat was something that made me realize that no matter how much one cares about the details, there is always a risk of missing out on the main idea. I know what is the role of each vitamin, but I didn’t know the most important thing about them: how do they work.

Number 2: puppies are worst than babies. Puppies don’t stay puppies for long, therefore they have the characteristics of a baby, of a child and of a teenager at the same time. They can literally drive you nuts. They are whining, they are afraid of many things, they are moody, they act spoiled, they are selfish, they show off and last but not least they do not listen. The best way I can put it is by saying that a child will give you some time to adapt from one transition to the other. Their character changes slowly. Puppies are stress generating machines. Why? Mainly because all your anger will be kept inside and God knows when and on what you will release it :D. On the bright side, this headache ends faster because they mature much faster. Well, it’s also true that they die sooner, so it’s kind of a knife with two deadly ends.

Number 3: winter has a funny way of telling you that life isn’t only sunny. What do I mean by that? First of all, this is my first winter in a country that has a Mediterranean climate, thus winter here is like autumn in Central Europe. Second of all, I realized how much weather can influence your state of being. I am not talking about rheumatism at all. You can get easily depressed, anemic, annoyed, anxious, happy, excited, you name it. All of these are highly influenced by the weather. Now, of course, this depends from person to person because some of you might actually be very happy when it’s cloudy. I hope Belgians are like that :D. In any case, some wind, some sun, some rain, some storm can give you a completely different overview upon the world. And, my friends, the way you see the world is kind of the way you see life. On the other hand, let’s take the reasonable attitude into account an say: ” It’s normal if it’s raining, the forecast was clear. We adapt according to it.” Yes, for many works, until they lose balance. If you are a normal person (definition: you are affected by everything around you, the world, the ambiance changes your mood), then even if you are good are hiding how nasty you felt that day, a bad weather will definitely help you unleash “the beast” that slumbers. In conclusion, out of a sudden you might wake up saying: “OMG! This is such an AWFUL weather!” or “Ah! At least it’s sunny today and warm.” if you are in a bad mood …or…”Hm! The weather sucks. Of course, this day couldn’t have been perfect!” or “Yeyyy! It’s sunny and warm! Let’s go to the beach!”. You can make up your own line, but I’m sure that the weather has a very strong , but delicate impact upon each and every one of us.

Now, all the things I wrote above might be meaningless to you. Guess what? For me they aren’t! You know why? Because a writer mustn’t stop writing, even if it’s about what he ate for lunch. You get rusty. This was actually my number one conclusion after two months of inactivity. I love writing, so why not continue? Why not share your thoughts with the rest of the world? Words are life, words bring feelings and reading makes you feel alive. You do not have to read literature, but reading something, anything from time to time is amazing food for the brain. Enjoy your future readings!!:) See you soon!