Remember the time when you used to scream and shout?

In those days everyone told you that you are too loud!

You were a rebel, a kid that didn’t want to listen,

Even if you knew the right way and you loved to glisten.


You were a rebel; everybody was against your will.

You had a different perception of the real.

You fought with many issues and you were there

Where people stumble and start to over care.


You fell into the darkness, you couldn’t find the way.

You got trapped by worries; you didn’t know what to say.

I felt I’m losing you; I couldn’t believe it’s true.

My favorite life was vanishing, but he came to you.


He helped you, he got you out of the wretched world.

He cared too much; he turned you back as you were.

He didn’t even know that you were a soldier and you like to fight,

And still he fed you well and he showed you the way towards the light.


Remember girl, no one can bring about the fear

No one can undermine you, even if they are near.

Don’t you get  fooled, you are a tigress and you know

You will have plenty of success and your spirit will grow.


Another Winter Day

The bed is warm and the dream is so good

I don’t want to wake up, but I should…

It’s 9 o’clock and, oh, that breeze!

Until I reach the bathroom I’ll sure freeze.


You fight with winter since you open your eyes.

You cannot escape her; she never dies.

At least that my impression after one week

Of fatigue, cold and having a body so weak.


It’s raining, it’s snowing, who keeps track?

I just want that warm summer to come back!

I need to understand that this is life.

Yeah right! Tell that to those who play the fife.


I’m not a soldier, although I like to think I am.

I do have a battle to fight that’s not a sham.

However, sometimes I do wonder

If this is real life or it’s just anger.


In the winter time you can get gloomy very fast.

In summer you can be happy and it lasts.

In the end I guess it’s just a vicious drive around.

You cannot get to the surface without getting drowned.


Pain is followed by relief, happiness by sorrow.

It doesn’t matter where you point the arrow.

And even if you don’t like it and you feel a sting,

Remember that winter is always followed by spring.

For you…

I am standing here and looking at myself
I am looking at what’s wrong and what’s right
Sometimes I can’t figure it because it’s night
But I know I am able to find oneself.

I think about the past and I wonder about the future
I know the present can be as harsh as a winter storm.
Nonetheless I hope you’ll be near me in any form.
Even if so many times I need that suture.

I do not know what your expectations are
I really do not know if I am on a  low scale.
I just want to break the bars and pay the bail
And shoot for you , my sparkling star.

I know I have disappointed you so many times
You didn’t deserve my attitude and still u don’t,
But if you stay and keep me warm I know I won’t
Hurt you, make you suffer or say those terrible lines.

I am sorry that my mind ran wild and didn’t pay attention
I’m sorry for the times I made u scream ….I really am!
I’m sorry for the moments when you blew steam
I am just seeking, in your soul and your arms, redemption.

I really need you sometimes like I need water
I am not afraid to state what I feel
Because everything I say is real,
But I hate that I do many things that bother …either me or you

And I really do not know how you feel right now
I wish I could be there with you and find out
My heart is screaming for my dreams so loud
And my head tells her that they’ll get down.

I can’t let the dying of the light overwhelm me
It will kill all those wonderful things I have inside
You know I love you and you bare in mind
That all I need is stardust in order to survive.

I wrote this just because I felt that you should know
That I want to be near you whatever comes
And I do not need poems, songs or charms
I need you to be willing to be near me during this show.

                                                                 With all my love, 
                                                             your sweetheart

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Hard…but still…

Winter is here, the night is falling over the world

Sometimes the snow follows, sometimes the rain

The clouds are strolling  and the sky is cold,

But this picture has been gaining lots of fame.


It’s raining cats and dogs, the sun is hidden

The storm that shatters your dreams is far

The evening shows a face…Oh my! She’s bitten

You better get inside and quickly start your car.


A stranger with a black cloak gazed at you and smiled

I  know how deceiving things can be and I can play

That game that makes you feel secure and mild;

That game…those cards thrown in the midst of day.


Darkness is not something one should be afraid of,

Although she’s really creepy when she wants to be.

The day is not safer and everything is so tough.

And in the end a new beginning awaits…you’ll see…

Close your eyes…just do it!

Have you ever closed your eyes and let your imagination go wild?

Do it NOW! It’s never too late, but it won’t work if you are “blind”…

Did you close them? Did you manage to escape?

Did you see the darkness? Did you manage to feel great?


Close your eyes and let your body wander

Close your eyes and drown into the slumber

Look right in front of you and do not care

Whether you smell the grass or feel the air.


Don’t let your other senses play you as you dream

Something that doesn’t let you be great is always mean

I’m not saying that your senses aren’t good

I’m just telling you to follow what you should


Close your eyes and feel the morning breeze

Close your eyes and see the Elysian Fields

Close your eyes and see the one you want to be

Keep it quiet and you’ll see exactly what you want to see


Follow my advice, take my hand and let it go

I’m not referring to the hand, and do not keep it slow

Do not be afraid and start running on a cliff

And when you reach the edge, just jump, don’t wonder “if”…


One thing is for sure: that you will fall

But if you hold me tight you’ll land on midnight’s wall

And if you let me go you’ll fly to foreign moors

Just make sure you’ll land safe, but have that ride which cures.

On the balcony

The sea winks and a boat is coming.

There are few still ones near the other shore.

I hear the pain cuz some kids are crying,

While others play football on nature’s floor.


The sun prepares to set, the night is near.

I’m letting the wind go through my hair

And wonder if the ships will disappear

Because I don’t know how much they care.


The buildings I see will be here tomorrow.

The noises I hear will change every minute.

The smells I can’t sense because of sorrow,

But I can taste everything I intuit.


What sorrow? I really don’t know!

I’m making up stuff while others sleep.

I’m standing right here on my own

And I’m enjoying the silence and the beat.


It’s almost 5 o’clock and I do not know

How long the sun will tap my shoulder.

The view’s amazing, but I cannot throw

Words that won’t be worthy of its Owner.


My left view is blocked by the sun

And the one on my right is not impressing.

Straight ahead is everything I’ve done

And at the same time all the confessing.


Here, on the balcony it’s a new ground;

It’s a place I like to call my own.

But in order to be safe and sound

I embrace a new life and admire the dawn.




Inspired by a Creature

dog behind bars



I wake up at the same time with the sun.
My biological clock lets me know it’s on.
I stretch and make some childish sounds,
But then I’m up despite the bounds.

Here I start a new day in this life.
I face the morning’s playful knife,
And as I head towards my meeting
I suddenly feel so alive.

The sun casts upon us lovely lines.
He sends sometimes some charming signs.
Other times the rain has to do her shift
And blinds the earth and goes adrift.

Sunny or rainy, the dog doesn’t care.
He stands there behind bars, but he’s aware
Of everything that happens nearby,
And so he stays and watches the whole lie.

Does he watch a lie or a joke?
Is it better in the yard than in this smoke?
He doesn’t know because he didn’t try
To cross the other side, but you know why?

He looks just like a statue near a wall,
And you could swear he isn’t bound to fall.
The pigeons won’t rest on him cuz he’s still,
And the moon will guide him cuz of freewill.

He analyzes well and he stands by.
He’s waiting for the proper sign.
And when he’ll manage to be free,
He’ll be the great thing you’ve ever seen.

A thing to remember for all you here:
The time will not make you shed only a tear.
He’ll kill you step by step with his sweet feel,
But those who wait, will break this deal.