After Attending a Dance Class

Dance, what a wonderful sight! Not everybody knows how to appreciate it because not everybody knows how to do it. The grace of the movement, the effort put with every breath brings you to another dimension. You will never be able to compare the redness on a dancer’s face with anything else than a rose that blossomed. Breaks, stretching, muscle mass; bone power and balance are easily seen in any piece. However, the power of the mind is the most important of all. You can tell when one is annoyed, angry, tired, and happy or at peace, and no matter which is the feeling, they still continue without interruption. What not everyone can see, though, is the spirit that dances, not only the body. The stream of life runs along with the music. The heat, the energy, the waves, the current; add ribbons to the whole scene and the river will catch fire.

Ballet, one of the most difficult types of dance, which I personally cannot understand, needs a motivation that few have. It is true that some girls are forced by their parents to learn it due to its magnificent sight and the pride one feels when he or she sees her daughter being graceful as a swan. This is certainly wrong because the kids might do it eventually and go to the distance just because they see their parents happy and once their parents they might not be able to attend a show or a rehearsal, they lose the grace given by the ballet. This can be a real turn down. Even in dance controversies exist. With all this said, my point highlights the fact that one cannot force himself through an art such as this.

On the other hand, the beauty of ballet goes beyond compare. Ballerinas are not ordinary human beings. They make room for a new mentality, for a concept that cannot be explained except through the notes of a melody.  Ballet needs to be felt in order to be understood. When are you able to feel it? When you imagine yourself doing the same moves and you give them meaning. It’s a dance that cannot be performed without tons of self-confidence and hard work. Even if its sight for some seems silly, this art will be appreciated by anybody after they try it. Yes, first try and then judge.

The rhythm of any kind of dance must pass through the entire body. Your mind needs to dance when your body doesn’t move. Can you stay still while you listen to music that highlights the rhythm of your mood? If yes, you are either forcing it or your mind is already on foreign moors. Of course, there is a third option that puts more emphasis of the fact that you simply cannot feel it, which is sad, but possible. Feeling life through music is one of the best ways of experiencing it. It can be the music of the highway, the music of the sea or the sound of the wind. You don’t need Pharell Williams to tell you to be happy. In the end, music defines you, it outlines you and it gives you everything you need to go through any difficulty that you may encounter. Open your heart and let the music guide you. đŸ˜‰